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Traditional Giddha Dancers

Perfect for a traditional South-Asian ladies Sangeet or Mehndi night 'Mehndi Masti' guarantee to get all the ladies present in the party mood.

Giddha is a popular folk dance form originating in Indian and Pakistan derived from an ancient dance known as the ring dance, just as energetic as bhangra yet more eloquently participated in displaying feminine grace, elegance and elasticity. While dancing the Giddha, the women usually sing traditional folk songs at the same time or dance along to the beat of traditional folk or bhangra songs playing in the background. One important element of the Giddha is the hand-clap; if you know Giddha, you know this!
'Mehndi Masti' is an all female group of performers who specialise in Giddha dance among other things. These talented ladies will perform and interact with an all-female crowd, getting them up to partake in the Giddha too. Sometimes on occasions like this, no one is willing to be the first person to be up on the dancefloor but 'Mehndi Masti' assure that this will be one thing which is no worry, as they'll be up there first getting everyone else involved too!
The group also specialise in other forms of entertainment such as singing, playing the harmonium and dholki playing. This is great for a Mehndi or Sangeet night where the dholki playing and singing session is a very important part of the evening, bringing all ladies together for lots of fun, frolics and music. Their repertoire includes old and new Bollywood songs, as well as traditional Panjabi ghazals and mehndi folk songs ensuring nothing is spared when it comes to keeping in line with tradition.
Dressed in traditional Panjabi attire consisting of bright colours and embellishments, your guest will look on in awe as these women sing and dance along to boliyaan.
'Mehndi Masti' are available to hire for all-female events through Kudos Music now, so if you are in the search of someone to get your party started you've certainly found yourself in the right place! Call us today.

Why not book a Kudos Traditional Giddha Dancers for your wedding or event today! Contact the sales team to see how we can find the perfect entertainment for you.



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