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Our very own Kevin the Kudos Magician epitomises wondrous magical entertainment for all.

Magic isn't all about disappearing and reappearing rabbits, big black hats and wands; Kevin makes magic an experience that will make you double-take in surprise, shock and wonderment making him the perfect addition to your event.
kevin the Magician has an amazing talent which he has been honing since an early age, taking to the streets and shocking people with his unique style of up-close, live and direct magic.

Putting on a fantastic and personal performance every time, Our magician can make fire appear and disappear in thin air, turn playing cards into cash and do countless other things that will boggle your mind for days after. This is a magician who isn't just for the kids; this is a true talent that cannot even be comprehended by the wisest of adults therefore making kevin the magician a fantastic accompaniment at any wedding reception, party, corporate event, club night or album launch and the list goes on.
To add a little bit of mystery and magic to your event or occasion, you can book Kevin directly through Kudos Music now. He is a sure-hit way to ensure your guests don't forget your event for a very long time to come.
Go on, be a little bit different and book this amazing magician now!

Why not book a Kudos Magician for your wedding or event today! Contact the sales team to see how we can find the perfect entertainment for you.



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