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We source the UK's finest dhol players to add that festive, authentic Indian touch to your wedding, event or party. Your guests won't be able to resist the best of the Indian drum.

Hearing the sound of the Indian drum in the distance is the kind of thing that gives you tingles, signifying something loud, proud and exciting approaching. The approaching noise is usually followed by a colourful procession bringing a bride-groom to his wedding, where he'll be joined together with his wife. This is why the dhol is such an important detail to have at any South-Asian wedding, and you can now get the best dhol players in town directly through Kudos Music!
The dhol has origins in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh particularly, and is a double-ended barrel drum played mostly as an accompanying instrument. This you will hear particularly in Punjabi bhangra music, but in different forms in other music too such as Qawwali...etc. However, the dhol wasn't made just to be an accompanying instrument, as when played alone it creates a really energising, delightful sound which will even get the most rigid of people shaking their shoulders and tapping their feet to the beat.
Kudos Music uses only the best companies in the dhol industry who we truly believe provide an unforgettable performance.

Any dhol players booked through Kudos Music ensure a professional and enjoyable experience of the tradition Indian drums time after time, giving your wedding or party that exciting and authentic Indian touch; complete with traditional Indian outfits!
Whether it's to get the crowd in the party mood, to ensure the bride-grooms entrance goes off tremendously or for a centre-stage performance, our dholis can do it all. Contact us today for the best in dhol player hire around the country, covering area's such as London, Birmingham, Mancester, and many more..

Why not book a Kudos Dhol Players for your wedding or event today! Contact the sales team to see how we can find the perfect entertainment for you.



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