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Inspiring infused Indo-chill music to bring the traditional sounds of India across the miles and straight to you.

If you really want to step back in time and bring the traditional sounds of India to your event, whether it is a wedding reception, sit-down meal for a birthday or anything else, then the Bollywood Sitar & Tabla players available to book through Kudos Music are indeed what you need.
This is really the type of music you can listen to comfortably as it relaxes your mind, body and soul, ensuring that all your guests are soothed, happy and smiling throughout the duration of your event.
The two instruments are deep rooted in Indian history: the tabla is a very popular Indian drum used in music, song and dance all around the world. It consists of a pair of hand drums of contrasting sizes in order to create varied sounds, and is played using techniques which vary the use of the fingers and hands. The mnemonic syllables created by the tabla are what the Indians have named 'bol', a term known by musicians globally. The sitar is quite the opposite of the tabla, a plucked stringed instrument used popularly in Indian classical music which creates a melodic, high-pitched sound which resonates beautifully. Together the two instruments come together to create what can only be described as deep and emotional music, stunning and haunting they will certainly grab and keep the attention of your guests.
In the calming music you will hear elements of India, Pakistan, East Africa and the moods of the West combined for a classy, aura-encapsulating sound. This is truly classy music that will bring the aroma of India right to you, transporting you over the miles and back in time to a place that is truly wonderful. The fusion of the two instruments is magnificent resulting in an east-meets-west chillout sound that leaves a surreal, ambient atmosphere; everything you want and need for an elegant evening with traditional yet modern elements.
If you would like to book our Bollywood Sitar and Tabla players for your big day to play you in, or to play in the background while your guests enjoy the evening then get in touch with us today. Kudos Music will ensure that your wedding is given the Indian touch in a beautiful way.

Why not book a Kudos Bollywood Sitar And Tabla for your wedding or event today! Contact the sales team to see how we can find the perfect entertainment for you.



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