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Bollywood dancers ranging from traditional to contemporary are a sure-hit way to bring glitz, glamour and a lot of spice to your special day.

Bollywood dance is a sure-hit way to add some glitz, glamour and mysticism to your wedding day or other event/party which will certainly ensure your occasion stands out from the crowd. That is why booking your Bollywood dancers through Kudos Music is the way to go to make sure your event goes down in history.
Bollywood dance is an enchanting form of art that amalgamates music and lyrics into expression through movement of the body, hands and eyes; enticing, magical and even at times sexy to watch, it will enthral all your guests while drawing them in to its own sparkling little world.
Being born from the worlds largest movie industry which churns out thousands of movies each year resulting in even more thousands of new songs, Bollywood dance is a mixture of traditional Hindi dancing coming from the Hindu religion which has scriptures about dance, drama and other performing arts. The basis of Hindi dancing is based on four main elements: words, gestures, music and emotions, and this is everything you'll see in abundance and more when watching a Bollywood dance performance. There is something about Bollywood dance which is completely separate from any other dance form you will ever see in your life; a rare mystery which lulls you into its atmosphere, making you also become one with the magic.
Bollywood dance has now made its way into the Western world too, with mainstream TV showing it within dramas and soap serials, Hollywood movies showing it on the big screen, and even Western music being influenced by the likes of Bollywood music creating a fresh and catchy sound. It is one of the in things right now, which is why having our Bollywood dancers at a wedding or event that doesn't necessarily have a South Asian crowd could have the kind of impact of which you've always dreamed.
Fully trained, professional and well-experienced, all the Bollywood dancers used by Kudos Music are among the best in the field delivering top-class, high-quality, entertaining and visually stimulating performances time after time. Whether you want the latest Bollywood performances straight from the silver screen or you want some more traditional type Indian dancing such as Khathak, they can do it all and we will do our best to source the best dancers for your requirements. Requests are welcome upon consultation too, to ensure that their performance goes as well as you want it to and as well as they want it to simultaneously.
Bollywood dancers are a unique and spectacular way to make sure your wedding reception, party or other event goes off with a spicy, loud and exotic bang and paired with one of our Bollywood DJs and maybe a dhol player or two your event can be explosive! Call us today to discuss what exactly we can do for you.

Why not book a Kudos Bollywood Dancers for your wedding or event today! Contact the sales team to see how we can find the perfect entertainment for you.



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