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Make a grand and noticeable entrance to the distinctive sound of Scottish Bagpipes.

Begin your wedding or event in a truly traditional and original way, by making a grand and memorable entrance to the sounds of the Scottish bagpipes.
Known worldwide for their links with Scottish heritage, bagpipes are not confined just to Scottish weddings or to bride or grooms with Scottish links. In fact, bagpipers are becoming increasingly popular at weddings and events of people coming from a multitude of different cultures and traditions, as a way of bringing a high-class yet quirky something-different to an important occasion.
Available through Kudos Music, we can provide you with the ultimate in bagpipe players for your big day, playing in the groom as he makes his big entrance or even playing in the bride as she makes her way down the aisle. The Scottish bagpipe sound is truly distinctive and will ensure that for that reason at least, your special day will be remembered in the minds of your guests for a long, long time to come.
Bagpipers are becoming increasingly popular among the Indian community now too, who mostly choose to bring Scottish tradition and Indian tradition together by mixing up the sounds created by the bagpipe with the Indian dhol bringing a fun element to any wedding day or extravagant party. Aswell as sounding fantastic, this also looks fantastic as the different musicians come dressed in their traditional outfits; a kilt wearing Scotsman playing alongside a traditionally dressed Indian man will certainly get heads turning.
If the Indian dhol is not your thing and you do not want the sounds of the bagpipes alone, then you can choose to have the original yet popular bagpipe marching sounds which are completed by the addition of the snare drum. Whether you want to have one bagpiper and two snare drum players, or the other way round, whatever you wish for your wedding or event we can make come true.
Popular songs usually requested for play by bagpipers include the sounds of Amazing Grace which is very English, or the highly traditional Scotland the Brave which is one of the most common. Other famous bagpipe songs can also be played on request, and if you are looking for a little something different and more modern then just give Kudos Music a call and let us see what we can arrange.
Our bagpipers are not restricted just to wedding hire however, as bagpipe music is great for other big events too. Prominent at funerals in particular because of the slow, deep sounds created, bagpipers are a wonderful way of helping say goodbye to the deceased while adding a classic, beautiful and haunting touch to a sad day.
Whatever you require in terms of bagpipers, dhol players and drum players for your function whether wedding, funeral, anniversary or corporate affair then you have certainly found yourself in the right place. Contact Kudos Music today and let us help you add that exciting Scottish touch to your special day.

Why not book a Kudos Bagpipers With Dhol for your wedding or event today! Contact the sales team to see how we can find the perfect entertainment for you.



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