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POSTED 08:00 ' IN 'INTERNATIONAL NEWS' ' The Big Fat Indian Might Be About To Lose Some Weight The Big Fat Indian Might Be About To Lose Some Weight

The Big Fat Indian Might Be About To Lose Some Weight

As wedding season is in full swing the Indian government is looking to pass a bill whereby they trim down the big, fat Indian wedding. In a growing economy where the newly rich are becoming richer and looking to show off their wealth, where weddings are becoming more extravagant affairs, it is not unheard of for the next wedding to be something bigger and better to undoubtedly surpass the last. For example in Punjab, one of India's richest states, weddings are becoming a mega-buck affair as parties have become swanky soirees with endless entertainment, extravagant gifts and not forgetting the plentiful menus that are on offer. Cuisines at weddings are becoming more and more lavish where in some cases serving over 100 dishes for 1000 guests.

However, these jumbo weddings could soon grind to a halt as the Indian government's Food and Consumer Affairs department is looking to introduce a law limiting the amount of food served to wedding guests, claiming that 15% of India's food grain is wasted at ostentatious weddings and parties. The Food Security Bill also aims to tackle other issues such as subsidised food for the poor however weddings seem to be a key topic on the agenda. A similar One-Dish Wedding Law was passed in Pakistan in the 1990's limiting wedding meals to one main dish, the law was not only passed to curb the rise in grains costs but also to help with the cultural burden that is placed on families who get themselves in to unnecessary debt whilst paying for weddings that are out of their means to avoid social humiliation. Consultations have begun in India to come up with ideas to reduce food wastage at weddings events, with Sudarshan Agarwal, former government member, heading up the campaign she has been meeting with ministers for the best part of 2011.

If the law is passed it could mean an end or a boundary to the flabouyant upper middle class putting on their dazzling displays of planes, trains and chicken tikka. The BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING, just might, lose some weight!

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