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POSTED 08:00 ' IN 'INTERNATIONAL NEWS' ' Representing the Kudos Team: DJ Manny & Raj C took to the sea and Hit Ayia Napa! Representing the Kudos Team: DJ Manny & Raj C took to the sea and Hit Ayia Napa!

Representing the Kudos Team: DJ Manny & Raj C took to the sea and Hit Ayia Napa!

A long time, at a time when apples and blackberries were just fruits and people went on holiday to simply just relax, lying in the far eastern end of the southern coast of Cyrus was a small yet beautiful resort named Ayia Napa; a place which quickly became famous for its glorious sandy beaches and stunning views.

Then all of a sudden, this beautiful resort was invaded by the party going youth of the world quickly turning it into one of the most fun, most loud and craziest party capitals of the world. Over the last few years in particular Ayia Napa has become increasingly popular with young people from the UK since the rise of dubstep, drum 'n' bass, UK grime, house and garage music. Ayia Napa is now known around the world for these types of music and for people that enjoy those genres Ayia Napa is the party place to be!

The Kudos Music team recently got our own taste of the Napa party lifestyle when our DJing services were booked for a wedding out there. We were very happy to send two of our prestigious DJs, DJ Manny and Raj C, out to the Cyprian resort for a beautiful Indian event – it was something different for Kudos Music, but also something completely different for the people of Ayia Napa.

Taking place on a yacht out in the ocean, DJ Manny and Raj C kept the crowd partying away; not to the typical grime, house and garage music that Napa is used to, but instead to a whole host of Indian tastes, bringing Bhangra in all its glory to Ayia Napa! The event was a massive success, and what event wouldn't be with great music, great people, sun, sea and sand?! Our music certainly kept all hands and feet on deck as the guests partied it out bhangra stylee at sea, with every single person having a truly fantastic time!

There's another place we can tick off our list and a place where we would certainly love to perform again! A message to the rest of the world now… Kudos is coming for you!

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