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POSTED 08:00 ' IN 'MUSIC RELEASES' ' Kudos Provide Stage Production For Music Video To Beat It Boliyan! Kudos Provide Stage Production For Music Video To Beat It Boliyan!

Kudos Provide Stage Production For Music Video To Beat It Boliyan!

Just a week ago, on the 3rd year anniversary of the legendary Michael Jackson's passing; Rajeev B unleashed his own commemoration to this musical legend on the world in the form of his brand new track, 'Beat It Boliyan'. Featuring the vocals of Saini Surinder, the track fuses MJ's ‘Beat It' with the traditional bhangra style of boliyan producing a smashing desi anthem.

Now, putting the song aside for a moment, the video is highly exciting too with a lot of Michael Jackson-esque touches, brilliant dancing, and of course Saini Surinder and Rajeev B themselves. The video tells the story of TV talent show type talent competition, where a young MJ impersonator takes to the stage and wows all the judges, but what is most important to us here at Kudos Entertainment is the actual stage itself!
Rajeev B wanted a stage featured in the video which mimicked that of The X Factor and this was pulled off magnificently.

Put together by the Kudos team (which you'll also see in the video), the staging was made up of a P6 LED screen, flooring by Kudos and amazing lighting bringing the entire stage area to life (some may even say it turned out much better than the X Factor stage… ahem, just saying). Featured in around half of the video, this stage is where we see our brilliant MJ tribute act take to the stage, to be later joined by dancers and newcomer Saini Surinder… Does he win? Well, you'll just have to watch the video to see!

We can create a similar stage area, dancefloor or other theming for you on your wedding, event or other big occasion. Kudos Theming is featured in music videos now too we'll have you know, so there's every reason to use us in the future! Professional, reliable, well-experienced and creative we are able to fulfil all your theming demands, so call us today and let us bring the floor beneath your feet to life, just like we did with MJ!

Watch 'Beat It Boliyan' here:

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