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Kudos Music add some Bling to the Bingley Hall

For some the booking process consists of an initial phone call for a pricing, followed by a call to confirm the event with the chosen supplier.

However, this is not the case for Kudos. Various steps and measures are put in place to ensure your event is showcased as second to no other for all guests invited to celebrate your big day. This was definitely the case when we received a call from our client requesting that their wedding at the New Bingley Hall be the best wedding their guests had ever attended.

After initial contact, Kudos ensured every necessary step was taken until completion of this grand event. Everything from site visits to suppliers meetings took place to guarantee that no stone was left unturned for the most important day in the life of our Bride and Groom.

The plans were set, the logistics organized and the teams had been briefed. The time had finally come for Kudos Music to transform an already stunning venue into a kingdom of dreams for our Bride and Groom.

The Kudos team arrived on site just before the break of dawn and it was all systems go to assure everything was ready and set in time before the first group of guests arrived to witness this amazing transformation.

Attention to details

Although time was of the essence, no attention to detail was missed.

The team from Dream Occasions worked against the clock and specialists décor staff illustrated why they were the only choice for this event. Although a theme was put into place for this event, no two tables looked alike. The centre pieces differed in size, an elegant combination of real and silk flowers coupled with various sized T lights and candles in hurricane vases were used to add depth and character to the venue. Trussing was secured to the ceiling and Pin Spot lighting was provided by Kudos to highlight the classy finish by Dream occasions.

The Bride and Grooms stage consisted of a sweetheart head table which was raised on a 6ft Stage deck to give all guests a perfect view of the couple and of course provide the couple with a bird's eye view of their vision turned into reality. Naturally the décor of the head table was left in the hands of the Dream Occasions team. The head table, backed with upright pillars and draping, was also lit up which added more emphasis on the Bride and Groom.


Kudos believes that lighting is a must to enhance that essential atmosphere to your event.

Lighting played a crucial part of this event. The Bingley Hall was lit up using both LED Washer lighting, which were mounted to 12foot upright Truss pillars constructed in each corner of the venue.

Wireless Uplights were also scattered around the venue to include additional definition and color.

Along with Uplights and LED washers, Kudos also provided an impressive lighting production to add to the wow factor to the stage production.

Beam lights and Led Washers were just a few of the lights showcased by Kudos and used to create a feel good atmosphere for this feel good event.

The lighting production, which was controlled by a trained operator, tucked away and out of sight at the rear of the venue, helped create energy throughout the event. The beams lights scoped the venue as the chameleon flames were fired and the mood lighting was triggered to spectrum to the beat of the Drumline Dhol Players, who escorted the Bride and Groom into the venue to a wedding cake fit for a royal family. The Wedding cake, which towered over the dance floor was a one off piece designed especially for the occasion by Cakes 4 U and it added glamour and wow factor to the wedding.

The lighting was again used to play an vital part when it came to the couples 1st Dance. The Washers and uplights were dimmed low and the beams set to pearl white were used to focus on the Bride and Groom whilst pin spots were set to highlight International singing sensation Jaz Dhami who sang a beautiful number for the Bride & Grooms 1st Dance.

Sound Design

For Kudos this event was just as much about sound as it was about creating a visual spectacle. Speaker fills were spread throughout the venue to ensure that every last note from the talent vocals of Jaz Dhami to the very last word of the best mans speech were heard by all in this 1000+ capacity venue. The dancefloor area was home to the amazing D&B Audio Speaker system, which kept guests glued to the dancefloor when the Kudos Djs started the party. Once again the Sound levels and Clarity of the Microphones for the entertainment and toast master were controlled by Kudos who have specially trained operators for jobs that such as this. The operator was set up at the rear of the venue alongside the lighting tech and made sure the sound levels remained perfect throughout the event.

The Stage

The stage set up designed was a one off production. Kudos worked with the Bride and Groom to ensure that this was something new for both the Kudos team and the hundreds of guests invited to the wedding. After Months of brainstorming and an array of cad drawings the final design had been set.

As guests entered the venue, a jaw dropping stage was set to greet them. Lighting was the only choice of backdrop for this set up. Beams and washers were fixed to a truss structure whilst the now traditional Dj booth with Plasma screens was taken away and replaced with the brand new state of the art LED Video Dj Console. Behind the Dj Console was an equally impressive LED Video wall, which was built and raised in the air and at either side of the video wall there was strips of LED paneling. One off graphics designed for the LED Wall to display and video mixing was a must for such an extravagant stage set. For Kudos, it's important to have a strong team in place to ensure that events of this calibre run seamlessly. Moreover, we believe that it's important that there is no on stage clutter or staff to take away from the visual experience Kudos had put together. To guarantee that these measures are met, Kudos set up a station for the Video tech, Lighting operator and the sound technician at the rear of the venue and out of sight. For Kudos, professionalism is essential and we believe that it's fair to say that the finished product was something that even the teams that arrange sets for such shows as X-Factor would be proud of.


For every extravagant event you must have equally lavish entertainment to offer. Kudos Music has a great rapport with some of the finest acts in the industry and gave its clients only the best for this particular event. Live acts included Drumline entertainment, who had party goers fill out the dance floor with their energy filled performance whilst Jaz Dhami and UK based Singer JK had guests screaming for more when they performed hits from their debut albums. Gabru Panjab De Bhangra dancers were the only choice for entertainment during the interval. Their performance of traditional folk dance and stunts with swords and sticks mesmerised both children and adults alike.

DJ H and JAS JOHAL kept partygoers dancing late into the evening with an eccentric mix of Bhangra, Bollywood, House and RnB. DJ AJD who is the newest member to join the Kudos Music team in 2013 joined them later that evening and performed a special hour long set for guests to enjoy.

Overall it's clear to see that the months of preparation, meetings, site visits and consultation's that were involved in bringing this wedding together paid off

To learn more about events such as this or for a no obligation quote please contact Kudos Music on 01895 207 990 or email

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