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POSTED 08:00 ' IN 'BUSINESS NEWS' ' Kudos Links With Indian Takeaway Franchise, 'masala2go'! Kudos Links With Indian Takeaway Franchise, 'masala2go'!

Kudos Links With Indian Takeaway Franchise, 'masala2go'!

Kudos is delighted to announce its association with an exciting new Indian takeaway franchise, Masala 2 Go, which is tipped to revolutionise the curry fast food market in the UK. Kudos will be involved in the promotion of this national brand, and will support the launch of the Masala 2 Go flagship store which will celebrate its official opening in the very near future. Read on for full details on the new Indian takeaway franchise, Masala 2 Go…

New Indian takeaway franchise on a mission to make the Masala number one again

Masala 2 Go (M2GO) is the latest major takeaway food retailer to enter the UK market with one thing at the top of the agenda: to make the Masala king of the takeaways once again. The exciting new takeaway brand is being introduced throughout the UK with the use of a highly tuned franchise system which aims to elevate the status of the Indian takeaway the world over.

At Masala 2 Go, we're so passionate about the Mighty Masala, we've dedicated our new Indian takeaway franchise business to the well loved dish. We aim to reconnect Brits with their first Indian love, the Chicken Tikka Masala (CTM) and prove that Masala can reign supreme once again.

After scouring the UK, we've counted over 48 different variations on the recipe for the Chicken Tikka Masala, but now you can add an extra one to that list as we've just invented the definitive masala recipe. Guaranteed to send your taste buds into a tizz and leave you smacking your lips in satisfaction, M2GO has set the standard for the masala and now we're making it our mission to have every man, woman and child sample our mouth watering masala!

The love for the marvellous masala has waned somewhat in recent times; the Jalfrezi is now the UK's most popular curry and Indian takeaway is second best behind a Chinese takeout…how can this be?! So we're on a mission, The Masala Mission, to take the masala back to its rightful place as the UK's best loved dish and number one takeaway choice – are you with us?!

Call us nostalgic fools, but we miss the days of the masala rule. When one in every 7 curries ordered was a Chicken Tikka Masala (CTM) and we Brits munched through 18 tonnes of CTM every week, and the magnificent masala was held up as the dish of choice by masses, found on the menu of every curry house in the country and hailed as "Britain's true national dish"! As part of the Masala Mission at M2GO, we're planning a return to the glory days of the masala.

The love for the curry in the UK is deep rooted with 90% of Brits admitting to feeling happy and content after a curry, it's also estimated that each and every one of us will spend £51,000 over a lifetime feeding our curry addiction which isn't surprising considering it's an industry that's worth £3 billion in the UK alone. Despite this overwhelming dedication to the curry, a market leader specialising in Indian takeaway cuisine is yet to emerge…step forward Masala 2 Go!

M2GO is an exciting new franchise brand presenting a unique opportunity for existing fast food franchisees, who may be struggling to expand their current business due to market saturation in key areas, to target these highly sought after areas by getting onboard with the new M2GO franchise. As an existing franchisee already operating in the industry, you'll have the infrastructure in place to support the launch of a new M2GO outlet.

The opportunity is also open to business people who are looking to break into the takeaway franchise market. The M2GO franchisor has developed a team of people with a wealth of experience and expertise within the takeaway industry who will support the franchisee as they establish their new M2GO store, helping to minimise financial risk.

As a fresh, new brand, M2GO presents a tremendously exciting business opportunity for those wishing to enter the fast food takeaway market in one or more of the major cities in the UK. M2GO offers the chance for entrepreneurs to get a slice of the takeaway market in a city or area they know well, where they may already have a fast food franchise store, or an area which they've wanted to target for some time.

To learn more about M2GO, the franchise system, the Masala Mission and how you can become a part of the latest fast food brand to launch in the UK, visit and register your interest.

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