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2013 has been an exciting year for the Kudos Music team. For most companies January is a chance to sit back and reflect on the past year. For kudos, January was a month of planing and organising. Everything from decor for its new premises to the seamless production of it very own Jas Johals Wedding kept the team busy.

Mehndi party and an equally impressive school Mela

The year has only just begun and already Kudos Music has ensured its all systems go for it's DJs. Earlier this year Jas Johal and Dj H took a trip to Delhi- India where they provided music entertainment for a wedding but this particular outing was not just about attending an Indian wedding. During their time in Delhi Jas Johal met with UK singing sensation JUGGY D and talked about Kudos representing his brand in the UK and abroad. As a result Juggy D called in Kudos music's very own *Dj RAJ C *who was flown out to Delhi as JUGGY D's official Tour DJ for a what can only be described and an out of this world Mehndi party and an equally impressive school Mela.

500 plus guests attended the Mehndi party which was put together at the Thappar Farm House.The grounds were transformed and were home to an array of activities. Every thing from Mehndi stations to cookery stalls were set up to ensure guests were entertained during this 10 hr event.

After walking through a tunnel draped to the nines with crystal curtains, mirror balls, flowers and greenery the guests were greeted by hosts dressed in traditional Maharaja attire and taken to the Custom made Bar which was made of 5000+ beer bottles set in the centre of the grounds to enjoy cocktails from around the world by specially flown in mixologists. After cocktails guests were encouraged to mingle whist waiters served the finest foods made at the onsite cooking stations. Giant Garden furniture was placed around the grounds and VIP booths were set up for guests to kick back and relax as the hot Indian summer cooled and the evenings events warmed up.

Dj Raj C was given the honour of providing the soundtrack to this amazing Indian Mehndi night. He set the tone with a mixture of Bollywood and Arabic Lounge before raising the energy levels with a mixture of House, Bar Grooves and upbeat instrumentals to get the guests in high spirits before Juggy D was escorted to stage by an entourage of security as the main act for this event.

**The stage set describe by Raj C as amazing was the focal point of the event.**
A giant LED video wall was the back drop whilst the grounds were bought to life with a lighting production fit for an event at Wembley Stadium. Led washers, Sunstrips and Sharpie Beams were just a few of the lights that were fixed to a cubic truss structure and used to create the perfect atmosphere to this extravagant gathering. An electric performance from UK based Singer Juggy D who performed tracks from his latest album 'Punjabi Rockstar' had the dance floor filled for the best part of 2hours. Thereafter the control was handed back to Raj C who continued to keep the party alive till the early hours with Everything from Bollywood, Bollyhouse, RnB, Dance and Progressive house beats.

The following day saw the Punjabi Rockstar and DJ Raj C move from the Hustle and bustle of the city to the calm tranquil settings of a traditional Indian village where they performed to a school event with 1000+ pupils. Once again the Stage set was enough to light up a county the size of Middlesex and DJ Raj C warmed up the audience with his collection of Bhangra beats and live Remixing before Juggy D took centre stage to woo this field full of fans and party goers. After the event Raj C was wizzed back to the Capital where he was guest DJ at Delhi hot spot Club Lemp. Once again Raj C provided a set of House, RnB, Bollywood beats and Arabic music to a venue rammed packed with Delhi's elite.

On his arrival to the UK Dj Raj C said he can only describe his experience as a must for anyone! The Delhi and Punjab scene is booming! A mixture of good music with like minded people is the perfect combination for this country which is clearly on the rise and I cannot wait to go back again to experience more from what India has to offer

Kudos Music has been in talks with Various wedding planners and event organisers across the globe and has already secured events for it's Djs to travel to Europe, Kenya, India, Malaysia, Brazil and Canada.

This year Kudos has once again set a goal to raise the bar for music entertainment and this time show the rest showcase to the world why the UKs number one entertainment company is a must for any event in any country.

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