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POSTED 01:30 ' IN 'BESPOKE LIGHTING ' ' Another vision brought to life at the New Bingley Hall Another vision brought to life at the New Bingley Hall

Another vision brought to life at the New Bingley Hall

Kudos and the New Bingley Hall have built strong relationships over the years. Since Kudos launched, the Bingley Hall has been one of the most requested venue's for it's DJs to perform at.

This giant venue in Birmingham has been a host to an array of spectacular weddings and Kudos has had the pleasure and privilege to play a part in some of its most extravagant make overs.
Recently our team of experts were prepped to go into the Bingley hall and transform it in to a land where dreams come true. We teamed up with the guys from Dream Occasions and brain stormed our ideas for this job. Zibby from Dream Occasions helped create a jaw dropping sight by adding her years of experience and bespoke finishing touches for this wedding.

The Kudos team drew up plans to ensure the sound, light and theme was nothing short of perfect. After months of planning and long hours at the Kudos office the time had come to put down our drawing utensils and bring our idea's to life.

The transformation took our team the best part to 6hrs and after a lot of grafting it was time for our bride and groom and their 800+ guest list to be left mesmerised.
The doors were opened and guest rushed in to see the Bingley Hall like never before.

The venue was soaked in an ambient purple, an effect created by washer lights which were mounted to the ceiling and set to ensure that every single corner of this venue had a splash of colour. we wanted to ensure that the colours washing the venue were not drowned and were given the advise by Rajan at the chair over depot to use white chair covers which would bounce light and enhance the colours of the washer lights. Chair cover depot also advised that neutral, pastel colours would work best as they do not absorb light. From there we chose to cover the tables with a calming peach linen. This created a warmth in the venue again without taking away from the ambient purple that the venue had been washed in.

Dream occasions added there touch by complimenting the colour scheme with a mixture of flowers, vases, candelabra's and crystals. Zibby from Dream occasions said the aim was to create character without over powering the venue. Various sized centre pieces were cleverly placed out on random tables which bought the room to life. Feature tables were thrown in to the mixture to add yet more character. The vision was to give the room an elegant feel using vases, flowers, candles and centre pieces of various shapes and sizes without confusing the theme of this wedding. Fresh flowers were placed on the eye level vases and centre pieces whilst realistic looking silk flowers were used for the higher, more out of reach centre pieces. Candles and petals were used to give the room a romantic feel whilst crystal beads and mirror bases were used on the tables to add a modern twist to a rustic finish.

The head table is always something that needs to be made special. It is the main feature of the venue and must ensure that it catches everyones attention for the most important couple in the venue, the bride and groom.
Dream occasions wanted the bride and groom to have a focal point fit for royalty so decided to go for a head stage as apposed to head table.
Kudos were on hand to provide the staging for this masterpiece. Numerous staging pieces were used and raised with 2ft legs to ensure all guests could get a view of the happy couple. The idea for this feature stage was to give the guests a great view of the happy couple whist giving the bride and groom an intimate setting which would make them feel as though they were private dining.
A Mandap structure finished in brilliant white was used for the backdrop and lined from top to bottom with crystal beads which formed a curtain like finish. On the top of the Mandap sat an array of flowers, carefully put together to compliment the setting. Wireless Uplights were used to highlight parts of the structure and give definition to this amazing build. Glamorous seating was placed for the newly weds and their closest family with a circular sweetheart table dressed in Pink linen, netting and finished off with flowers and candles was off set on the stage for the bride and groom to have there first meal as husband and wife.

Our bride and groom wanted the best of both worlds at there event. For the dining they wanted romance and for the dancing they wanted to create an electric feel. They wanted kudos to ensure that guests were left jaw dropped when they see the stage production and left Kudos with a blank canvas to work their our magic.
The staging area at the Bingley hall is very DJ friendly, Its big enough to be able to create a mini concert set up and can house a fair bit of rig.
We wanted to give the venue two different styles yet did not want them to clash against each other. Most DJ set ups consist of 2-3 screens and 1 led wall behind the dj. We decided to make 1 giant screen and split that into 4 but still manage to create one image. 56 panels of Chauvet p6 screen were used to create this split screen. A specialist visual operator was bought in to control the screen and display images in keeping with the theme and feel of this event. The idea was to stay away from the age old set up showcasing flight cases which house lights and go for a nice tidy look. each screen built was supported from behind using light weight truss pillars and the screen at the rest was raised using a truss structure and chain hoists. The truss structure also housed the lighting for this stage set up. Our team of riggers set up a combination of chauvet spots, beams and washers which were expertly controlled by our in house light technician who had set up his station at the rear of the venue. Lighting plays a massive part in all of Kudos Roadshows Dj set ups our beams and spots are used to create energy during the dancing at such events whilst washers are used to highlight such things as the wedding cake.

Sound also plays a massive part during our events. Its important for us to use our sound correctly to ensure it creates atmosphere, high spirits and energy levels yet at the same time be pleasant to the ear of the listener. For this reason our specially trained sound technician opted to use our D&B audio which offers projected sound that was focused on the dance floor area and used numerous QSC powered speakers to act as fills around the room, all of which were set to different levels to ensure the sound in the venue did not have a delay or over an powering effect.

Entertainment is a must for Kudos and choosing the right entertainment for your event is crucial. The bride and groom were told to meet at our office and go through all the entertainment options with a member from the Kudos entertainment agency. We listened to the bride and grooms needs and wants and gave them the best options which stayed in keeping with their requirements and Budget. Live music was provided in the form of UK and international singing sensation Jaz Dhami who not only performed a personalised acoustic 1st dance number on a gloss white baby grand piano but also sang to an eager crowd during the peak of the event. Kudos were once again on hand to provide the sound technology for the live performance. Everything from microphones to in ear monitors and stage wedges were provided on the day and tweaked by the Kudos Sound Tech. More live entertainment was bought in the form of Drumline Dhol Players, group of guys who perform to a mixture of traditional folk and current chart hits making the song there own by over laying creative beats using the indian Dhol drum. The live entertainment and DJ set was finished off by adding a series of special effects, namely co2 bursts and flame throwers which added to the whole feel of this extravagant experience.

If you are looking to host an event of this kind and wish to learn more about the options available please call us on +44 (0)1895 207 990

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